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英语一分钟小故事短文 第1张

  英语一分钟小故事短文篇1   菲勒美拉

  King Pandion of Athens had two daughters,Procne and ***.when Athens wasthreatened by the wild men,King Tereus of Thrace came to its ***.out of gratitude KingPandion offered Tereus either of his daughters in marriage and the Thracian king chose Procneas wife. For yearsthey lived in Thrace and had one son,Itylus by ***.then Procne becamehomesick and longed to see her dear sister ***.at her repeated requests Tereus sailedto Athens tofetch ***.on the way back his evil heart took flame at the sight of Philomelawho was then in her beauty of ***.he seized and carried her away by force,cut outher tongue and imprisoned her in a lonely hut in the ***.to Procne he lied,saying thatPhilomela was ***.philomela stayed in prison for ayear,where she had woven her painfulstory into the web of a robe .Then she managed to send the robe to her sister. As soon asshe received the web Procne came over to the woods and to reher sister away from thekeepers.

  Back at the palace, the two women,hot for paying back ,killed little Itylus and served him upto his father . When Tereus learned of the terrible truth he grasped his sword and chased thesisters into the woods. There the gods turned Procne into a swallow,Philomela a nightingaleand Tereus a hoopoe .



  英语一分钟小故事短文篇2   巨人

  Ajax was a man of giant stature,daring but ***.when the Trojan War was about to breakout he led his forces from Salamis to join the GREek army at ***.as one of the trustiestchampions of the Greek cause,he was given thejob of guarding one end of the Greek campnear ***.he was noted in the battlefield for his bravery and ***.after Achilles' death hebecame one of the two hot contestants for the dead hero's shield and armour,the other ***.when the weapons were finally judged to his rival,Ajax went mad ***.unable to get over the hardships,he took his own ***.when,in order to seek theadvice of,Odysseus came to visit the lower world,the shade of Ajax frowned ***.in thelower world Ajax chose to be a lion,guided clearly by the bitter recollection of his former life.


  英语一分钟小故事短文篇3   狄俄尼索斯

  Dionysus was the god of ***.he was the son of Zeus by Semele. When his mother wasburnt to death in the glory of Zeus .He was still a helpless ***.his father trusted hisupbringing to some mountain fairy maidens .They tookthe GREatest care of him. Under thetutorship of Silennus,the Satyr, he was introduced to all the secrets of nature and the cultureof the wine. He travelled far and wide in his carriage drawn by wild beasts. He was said tohave been to India and Ethiopia .Wherever he went, there was music and song ***.hisattendants,known as the Bacchantes, were noted for their noiseanddisorder.A most wild,noisy crow,they drank,danced andsang in a careless ***.thewomen Bacchantes were infamous for their excessive immodesty and disgraceful ***.in their madness and intoxication they committed cruel violence. They tore Orpheus,thegifted musician,limb from ***.king Pentheus of Thebes,for frowning on the worship ofBacchus in his kingdom, suffered the same treatment at the hands of a band of thesefanatical women,of whom his own mother was the leader.


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