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  Found 寻物记事

  假定你是初三(1)班的李霞,你五月十四日晚上在阅览室里丢失了一个绿色书包,内有两本英语书,一个铅笔盒,一个MP3及自行车钥匙。你非常着急。51-51免 费-网-欢迎您



  I left a green school bag in the reading-room on the evening of Many 14.(我五月十四日晚上在阅览室里丢失了一个绿色书包) There are two English books,a pencil-box , an MP3 player and the key to the bike in it.(内有两本英语书,一个铅笔盒,一个MP3及自行车钥匙。) Now I’m very worried about it . (现在我非常着急)Will the finder return it to Li Xia of Class 1, Grade 3? (找到失物的人你能还回给三(1)班的李霞吗?)Thanks a lot!(非常感谢!)

  高考英语满分作文范文江苏卷:成为优秀倾听者 To become a good listener

  实现有效的沟通,建立良好的人际关系,不仅要善于言表,更要学会倾听。请你根据下表中所提供的信息,写一篇题为 “Being a Good Listener” 的英文演讲稿


  1、 对所给要点,逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。

  2、 词数150左右。开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数。

  3、 演讲稿中不得提及考生所在学校及本人姓名。

  Good afternoon, everyone.


  The topic of my speech today is “Being a Good Listener”.


  Good listening can always show respect, promote understanding, and improve interpersonal relationship.


  Many people suggest that parents should listen more to their children, so they will understand them better, and find it easy to narrow the generation gap; teachers should listen more to their students, then they can meet their needs better, and place themselves in a good relationship with their students; students should listen more to their classmates, thus they will help and learn from each other, and a friendship is likely to be formed.


  What I want to stress is that each of us should listen to others. Show your respect and never stop others till they finish their talk; show you are interested by a supportive silence or a knowing smile; be open-minded to different opinions even though you don’t like them. In a word, good listening can really enable us to get closer to each other.


  Thank you for your listening!



  高考作文:The Most Unforgettable Person I Ever Knew 我所认识的最难忘的人


  The Most Unforgettable Person I Ever knew

  (1)我生活中最难以忘怀的人是…… (2)为什么他(或她)一直在我心中 (3)结论

  In my life I have met many people who are really worth my recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I ever knew is my Chinese language teacher.


  What frequently brings back memories of my school teacher is his special qualities. First of all, I was attracted by his lively wit. I remember we always long for his class with great eagerness because his lecture were humorously delivered, never failing to provoke loud laughs. Second, he gave us the greatest gift a teacher can offer -- an awakening of a passion for learning. He not only led us to an appreciation of the beauty and perfection of Chinese and literature, but also aroused our great interest in exploring something deeper in this field. Finally, I was deeply impressed by the respect he showed for us, for he treated us like friends rather than students.


  Although it is nearly 10 years since I attended his last class, he is the talk of our old classmates, and I know part of him has already stayed in my heart.


  高考英语满分作文 英语书信作文:写一封回信 Write a reply

  假若你是《21th century》报纸的编辑,有一学生向你写了如下的一封信,请你根据来


  Dear Editor,

  My physics teacher is very strict with us. I often feel nervous in his classes because we are punished by being made to stand for a few minutes if we can't answer his questions. It's embarrassing (尴尬) to be made to stand in class, so I hate physics classes. However, I really want to do well in physics. What should I do?

  Yours sincerely

  Zhang Ying

  Dear Zhang Ying,

  I am sorry you are having difficulty with your physics classes. Teachers have many different ways of encouraging students to put in more effort — it seems as though your physics teacher thinks fear is the best way! He does it because he thinks it will produce results. If you feel that it is stopping you from doing your best then you should tell him. You say you want to do well in physics and if your teacher knows this, he will be pleased. It is only when students are not trying as hard as they can that a teacher is forced to take action. If he is aware of your worries, perhaps he will suggest other ways of helping you improve your work.







  It’s almost known to all that smoking is bad for people’s health. Smoking can lead to heart disease, cancer and other problems and 2.5 people die from smoking each year. Still, many people find it difficult to stop smoking. One reason is that smoking usually becomes a habit, which is not easy to be given up. Another reason is the effect of nicotine, which is contained in tobacco. Measures have been taken to help people keep away from the harm of smoking. In many cities smoking is forbidden in public places. The danger of smoking is warned of everywhere. And newspapers are asked not to publish advertisements for cigarettes. World “No Smoking Day” has been set against smoking.


  全国高考英语满分作文:重庆卷(1) 物物交换 Object exchange











  Title: Want a second-hand bicycle? Here it is!



  Since I am going to graduate, the bicycle that I have ridden for three years is of no use any more. So I want to exchange it with whoever needs it.


  The bike is in plain black and easy to ride. Though it’s designed for racing, you can use it for everyday life as well. With a lock behind the seat, it can be locked anywhere you like, removing the trouble of parking. Old as it, the bike functions well. And I’m sure you will love it at the first sight.


  If you have a MP4 player and don’t want to keep it, you can exchange it with me. Anyone who has the intention please leave a message here, and I will contact you later.




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